App privacy permissions for Mojave



Apple tightened the privacy settings on Mojave, and things like camera, microphone, etc are no longer accessible by default. I think you need to add a plist key/value to fix this! Without it, sound capture always produces silence, even when using Soundflower as a source…

Would it be possible to fix the privacy settings on Mojave, so at least mod_napaudio works?



@stijnvanbeek can you look into this?


Right now NAP does not build app bundles with a plist file for you on OSX. At some point adding an extra build step for this would be great.

For now, could you try this?


Yeah, that’s what I currently do. I run the app from the terminal (with the terminal setting the microphone permission), and attach the debugger. Inconvenient, but at least a workaround for now. I haven’t tried the PRAM reset. I suspect that still wouldn’t work, as Apple explicitly states using the plist for requesting privacy settings.

By the way, how did you get retina working without a plist? Afaik, retina support is opt-in and requires a plist setting as well.


NSHighResolutionCapable is the key. Don’t you already set this explicitly?