Cannot find renderservice.h


Hi guys!
Just started playing with NAP and downloaded 0.2.2 for macOS.
I’ve created a new empty project (tools/create_project) which won’t build because it can’t find renderservice.h.
The project app’s header includes this file, but this generates an error, and so it won’t build for me.

I’ve checked a project I generated from NAP 0.1.0, and that also includes this file but there it causes no issues.
Anything I can do to fix this on my end?

Cheers, Ralph


Hey Ralph,

Welcome to the forum! We spotted the issue 2 days back, had to do with a module restructure (mod_napapp). When generating a new project the dependencies were not set-up correctly. We fixed the issue and a new version can be downloaded here:

This package also fixes an issue with QT and and the freetype library. I will push those packages to the main page tonight, building for all platforms now :wink:


NAP-0.2.3 is now available from the website. We’re also working on a better package testing process, where all the demos and project generation steps are executed and validated on the build servers. This should eliminate most packaging / release issues. We’re also working on issuing daily builds directly to github when the validation step succeeds. Makes it easier to get the latest version which you know will be stable.


Awesome, it works fine now.
Thanks for your quick response!