Child objects of graph reappear after deleting graph


After deleting a graph and restarting napkin, all its objects will reappear after restarting napkin.

  1. Create a nap::audio::Graph and fill it with a number of objects A, B, C etc.
  2. Delete the graph (right click>Delete). Now the graph is gone.
  3. Close napkin and reopen napkin. Now the graph is still gone, but the objects A, B, C etc have appeared as separate resources in the list.



The same is true for entities. After deleting a complete entity, all embedded resources of its components seem to appear separately in the resources list after restarting napkin.


This has been resolved on master, not sure when this will come down, @cklosters?


We’re currently wrapping up development of NAP 0.3, this fix will be included in that release. I expect to release 0.3 end of this month / beginning of July. I will update the client NAP source repository when we release.