Curve editing: crashes and annoyances


The curve editor is great. Well, almost great. :grin:

I get some bad crashes. For example, when adding a new point in the curve (in the Inspector panel):

ASSERT failure in QVector<T>::operator[]: "index out of range", file /Users/coenklosters/Documents/dev/qt/5.11.2/clang_64/lib/QtCore.framework/Headers/qvector.h, line 436
[1]    83947 abort      bin/Clang-x86_64-Debug/napkin

I also managed to get another crash when manipulating the curves in the graphical Curves panel), but I’m struggling to reproduce it:

[1] 80261 segmentation fault


  1. Clicking on a point to select it frequently causes the point to immediately move, requiring manual re-typing of values to line up precisely, e.g. 1.0 1.0 - inadvertent dragging needs to be ignored, in other words
  2. Zooming / panning behaviour is extremely difficult to use. It took me a while to figure out that I could effectively pan by changing where I place my mouse pointer while zooming (scrolling) but even then I find it almost impossible to get a decent view of the curve while editing. It might be better to just separate zoom (e.g. using scrolling) and panning (e.g. using Shift+drag or something similar?).
  3. A “zoom to fit” button would be extremely handy.
  4. The buttons for preset two-point interpolations are really useful, but because they are arranged horizontally they take up a lot of space and you need to fiddle with panel widths to be able to see them all.


Adding tickets to the tracker:

Clicking point moves it


Interpolation Buttons:

For zoom to fit, did you try selecting points and pressing F on the keyboard?

You should be able to submit bugs in the tracker yourself (this saves me from copy-pasting and you should be automatically notified when the status changes).

Thanks for writing these up and I will address these issues asap


Ah, I did not know that. Seems to work. Shortcuts should probably be visible somewhere - perhaps in tooltips when hovering over buttons? (This implies that the fit option should also be a button.)

I only learned about this today! Sounds like a good idea. I’ll start using that for clear cases of actual bugs?


Yes. if you find any bugs, please file an issue. Also, any serious feature requests can go in there too. If you’re unsure, let’s keep it a discussion in this forum :slight_smile:

We did have a private bug tracker, but I figured it would help to have some visibility on what we’re working on and avoid duplicate issues. So I just created this repo a couple of days ago.

Zoom to fit:
Great idea, creating another ticket :slight_smile:


FYI, you should be able to subscribe yourself to these tickets so you will get updates and notifications when there are questions. I will keep discussion regarding the issue on github, keeps the conversation focussed and visible for those who search for it)