Failure to find freeimage .dylib



When building a project from scratch, the app failed to run due to a failure to find ‘libfreeimage-3.17.0.dylib’. I maually copied the .dylib into the Release and Debug binary folders, and that works. Haven’t tried making a package yet, so can’t tell if that works. The .dylib exists in 3rdparty. Don’t know why it failed to find it. Maybe the rpath didn’t get set properly? Is there some way to find out?



I’ll try to repo this on my end, but I believe this was fixed based on what was discussed here:

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Aye, but this is freeimage, not freetype! :statue_of_liberty:


Ah shoot, misread, everything starts with ‘free’ nowadays. I’ll investigate this asap. Feels like an RPATH thing nonetheless and the previous reply could be useful in figuring out how the dylib path is resolved.


Thanks :slight_smile: