FBXConverter fails to convert FBX file



I have an fbx file that I want to convert to .mesh, but the FBX converter tool fails convert it.
As there are no details as to what caused it to fail, I don’t know what to fix.
The file was delivered by someone else. Are there specific prerequisites they should take into account when creating/exporting the FBX file?


Ok, I’ve found that FBX version 7.5.0 works well, when it does not contain materials or textures and is exported as text file, not binary.


Hi Ralph,

NAP currently uses assimp 3.2.0 (2015-11-03) to read and convert fbx files. I always exported fbx files in Maya 2014 compatible mode, both as ascii and binary. You can check the release log of assimp to see what fbx files are supported.

NAP ignores materials, skeletons and animation data and only extracts the individual meshes, which are written to individual mesh files.


Seems like ASCII “text” format is the key…