ImGui secound window combination


Hi im wondering how i could combine two seperated windows in c++, (ImGui Bases ofc)
do i need to add any flags?


Hey Adamski,

What do you exactly mean by ‘combining two separate windows’ ? Is it that you want to render both windows to the same texture or is this IMGUI related and if so, in what way?


i use ImGui as a framework i have a main window and a secoundary window, i would like to have the secoundary window beside the main window when the main window is opened. I want to be able to move the secoundary window when im moving around the main window. Is this possible? Do i need to draw the secoundary window in the main window or it possible to have it seperated?


Hey Adamski,

You can create as many IMGUI windows as you want and place them anywhere, as long as they are all part of the same nap::RenderWindow. The only requirement NAP has regarding IMGUI drawing is that all the IMGUI windows are drawn to the same nap::RenderWindow. Within that window you can use all the IMGUI functionality and therefore create multiple IMGUI windows.

NAP does not support rendering IMGUI to multiple nap::RenderWindow’s at once, we are working on that but we need to update the IMGUI thirdparty library to support that. This topic might be of interest:


NAP 0.4 will add support for rendering ImGUI windows to multiple viewports (render windows), as part of the Vulkan upgrade.