NAP 0.3.2 Released / 0.4.0 in development



I just uploaded NAP 0.3.2: this release contains a couple of new features ,improvements and bug fixes.

We are currently working hard on NAP 0.4.0 but wanted to share some of the improvements already. Read the release notes for more information! New features include automatic parameter / preset blending, support for EtherCat, higher resolution render textures, architecture improvements and more. Some crucial build system bugs have been fixed, especially related to sourcing multiple user modules.

NAP 0.4.0 will (if all goes well) drop support of OpenGL in favor of Vulkan! This means we’ll be able to deploy NAP on mobile operating systems and improve desktop performance (especially regarding OSX) . Replacing OpenGL with Vulkan turned out to be a challenge but worth it, since Vulkan is much more explicit and low level, but in line with how we think. As a user you won’t (most likely) interface with Vulkan directly, unless you want to. Render functionality will remain the same.

OpenCV is also scheduled to be added as a module, including synchronized threaded video capture. Combined with Vulkan this offers a lot of new opportunities. We’re also rewriting the data model of Napkin, which we wanted to do for a long time, this will improve performance and open doors to more editor related options in the future.

All that and more, stay tuned. In the meantime, please try 0.3.2 and let us know how it works.