Napkin can't launch in Ubuntu 19.04


Output from terminal: ./napkin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Ubuntu supports only python 3.7

How can I fix this?



It looks like there are some RPATH issues on linux 19.04 with Python. At the moment we only officially support Ubuntu 18.04 and will fix the issue in the next official NAP release (0.3). That said, you can try changing the RPATH yourself and point it to the right python lib (in the thirdparty folder if i’m not mistaken. That should fix your problem.

I believe the issues are hidden on 18.04 and 18.10 because it finds the system Python instead.


Thank you, I will try! :slight_smile:


This has been fixed in NAP 0.3.0 :slight_smile: