Napkin crashes in debug mode when opening app_structure



I downloaded NAP 0.3, created a new project and built it in debug mode on macOS Sierra.
When I open Napkin and open the app_structure with file>open, Napkin crashes immediately with Segmentation fault: 11. After that, every time I open Napkin it crashes again (I think because it auto-loads the previously selected app_structure).

In the Release build this does not happen.

My entire app_structure.json is as follows:

    "Objects": [
            "Type": "nap::RenderWindow",
            "mID": "Window",
            "Width": 1280,
            "Height": 720,
            "Borderless": false,
            "Resizable": true,
            "Title": "TestProject",
            "Sync": false,
            "ClearColor": {
                "x": 0.0,
                "y": 0.0,
                "z": 0.0,
                "w": 1.0
            "Type": "nap::Scene",
            "mID": "Scene",
            "Entities": []




The Napkin preferences are now stored alongside the binary in the ‘napframework’ directory. Clearing that directory ensures napkin opens without preferences. Did you try any of the demos and see if the same problem occurs there on your system?

If this crash does not occur in release mode it’s probably because internally an assert is triggered. Can you send me the project, including resources so I can debug it?


The same problem occurs in the hello world demo. I will send you my project directory.


Thanks! I me or @bas will look into it, use the release version for now.


I checked today when building a new package (v0.3.2) and was not able to reproduce the issue on OSX. The package will be available tonight, so maybe good to check if the problem persists. I am currently working on a custom assert that will show in the log the line in code that triggered it + an additional reason. Shouldn’t take long to implement and should be part of the new release.