Napkin crashes when adding custom component in debug mode



I noticed that when running napkin in Debug mode, when I add a certain custom component to an entity, napkin immediately crashes with the following failed assertion:

Assertion failed: (false), function populateChildren, file /Users/macbook/Documents/Repositories/nap/tools/napkin/src/standarditemsproperty.cpp, line 222.
Abort trap: 6

I’d like to prevent this from happening. Any idea what this error message means?



Hey @casi,

Can you tell us what steps to take to reproduce the problem? Otherwise we won’t be able to fix your problem.

@bas can take a look at it once we have a repro case.

Cheers Coen


In napkin, I right-click on an Entity, select “Add Component…”, and then as soon as I click on my custom component, napkin crashes immediately.

I’ll see if I can create a narrowed down version of my class that produces this error and send it your way.


Thanks, it looks like an assert went off when an embedded pointer was null. I’ve changed this to be a warning and skip the inspector at this level.

Change has been pushed on master and will come down with the next version.

Let me know if you come across any side effects.