Napkin extended controls



Not urgent at all, but it would be useful to be able to copy/paste and drag&drop entities & components within napkin.



@bas you hear that :wink:

That has been on our todo list for a long time but requires partial serialization (if i’m not mistaken). We’re tackling that hopefully beginning of next year. That should make this request easier to implement.

Correct me if I’m wrong @bas


Correct, copy&paste (and full undo/redo support) does require partial serialization.
Drag & drop, however, would be fairly easy to implement for pointer creation. What kind of drag & drop functionality did you have in mind?


Also a ‘nice to have’ would be to select multiple resources at once, when adding them to a list. A while back I had to add references to a bunch of resources to some component and had to do it one by one. Would be nice if in the ‘pop up’ dialog which already neatly shows you the compatible resources it would be possible to hold down shift* and select multiple or all instances. :slight_smile:

* or control or whatever is commonly used for combo lists.


For me, it would be nice to be able to drag and drop components between entities. Otherwise the “simple” task of moving a component into a nested level or between entities means having to delete, add and enter all the properties by hand all over again…


+1 for drag & drop!

While on the subject, duplication would also be a great feature. I don’t know if that would also require serialization, but if not then in combination with drag & drop would perhaps negate te need for copy/paste.


Serialization would definitely be the most flexible solution for both moving and duplication as well, but as long as the data doesn’t leave the editor (such as in copy/paste), we should be able to get away without it. I’ll see how feasible this is as a stop-gap solution.
I’ve made a ticket for this, feel free to add specifics: