Scrolling glitch ImGui



I’m noticing this scrolling glitch inside ImGui. Somehow when slowly scrolling towards the top, there is a glitch (see video). It only happens when slowly scrolling, not quickly, and doesn’t happen when scrolling down.

Note this is in Macos, using the touchpad, and has existed before Mojave.



Noticed this as well, seems to be IMGUI related so no immediate fix for now until I get to update IMGUI


Resizing the window also removes the glitch for me, experiencing the same there?


I’ll check. Gimme a minute…


I tried making the window smaller and bigger, both vertically and horizontally. The glitching doesn’t go away when I do this. The GUI seems to be globally affected. I first suspected it was due to the collapsing headers I use, but it also happens in screens with only a few buttons and some text.


Right, could you try removing the Color Lookup? This texture is scaled based on the slider under it and could result in a size that doesn’t work with IMGUI internally. If the result remains the same I will have to look into upgrading IMGUI


It happens everywhere. Also in the 4D engine without Aura things integrated into it. It’s very noticeable in the ‘parameter list’ of our engine. Makes it a bit hard to scroll through the list and definitely not as polished an experience as it could be.

By the way, check some of this experimental stuff they’re adding to ImGui! The multi-viewport stuff is nice, but the docking feature looks even more promising to me. :yum:


Ahh, docking, that’s kinda sweet. I’ll try to reproduce the glitch on an OSX machine and let you know what I find out.