Unable to open SerialPort



I’m trying to set up serial communication between NAP on OSX and an Arduino device connected through USB.
After adding a SerialPort resource to my app structure, I’m stuck with the following failure message during initialisation:

[error] Failed to open SerialPort: IO Exception (2): No such file or directory, file /Users/coenklosters/Documents/dev/thirdparty/serial/src/impl/unix.cc, line 151.

Any clues? The path in this error message makes me suspect that an absolute path is used instead of a relative path somewhere.

A related question: is there a demo available that uses mod_napserial? This would be of great help.

Thank you!


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I got it to work, I entered the portname incorrectly and misinterpreted the error message (the IO Exception relates to the SerialPort itself of course, not to the unix.cc file).


Hey, unfortunately there is no demo currently available for the serial port. But the documentation should get you started, since the device is rather straight-forward.

Regarding the error message, this is what we get back from the serial library. The file refers to the line in that library that caused the error, if I’m not mistaken.